Physiotherapy is a drug-less treatment for a wide range of conditions whether it is acute or chronic. We use different tools to manage our patients.

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Osteopathy is the manual therapy techniques on different structures or systems of the body to correct the structure or their functions.

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Massage therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Custom made orthotics, Occupational therapy, and Neurological rehabilitation including Stroke rehab.

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Biophysio Rehabilitation Clinic

We are a multidisciplinary clinic to provide the best services possible to our patients. Our highly qualified staff are dedicated to our patient’s goal and improving their quality of life. In Biophysio Rehabilitation Clinic we have dedicated, passionate health practitioners. They are highly educated to treat musculoskeletal and neurological conditions to manage pain, restore function or even prevent injury.

New service:

If you’re living in Western and Northern York Region, have no extended health benefits and  your doctor thinks you are experiencing complex social and medical health issues, you may be able to access mental health and other services at no charge. The Vaughan Community Health Centre has created PACT (People Accessing Care Teams) to make this possible.

Services that are typically paid for will be offered free of charge to those who qualify, when referred by their family physician or Nurse Practitioner.

Biophysio Rehabilitation Clinic is proud to be working with VCHC by offering physiotherapy services through PACT to patients in need.

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